Megan De Lena

Megan De Lena teaches business, entrepreneurship and diversified occupations at Pottsgrove High in Pottstown, Pa. De Lena began her teaching career in 2000 in the Pottstown School District, where in 2004 she was named Pottstown’s Teacher of the Year. In 2005, after she moved to the Pottsgrove School District, she started DECA in Pottsgrove and developed popular business and marketing courses.

Most recently, De Lena started an entrepreneurship course based on operating a school store with an online component. She was also instrumental in opening a credit union branch at the school offering on-site banking to students and staff. Prior to her teaching career, she worked in management in a variety of service industries, including amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers and real estate. De Lena graduated from Princeton University in 1984 and earned a master’s degree in education from Temple University.