Part 1: From Offshoring to Reshoring: A Global Shift in Manufacturing and Technology


In the first part of their conversation with Knowledge@Wharton, Scott Staples, co-founder and Americas president of Mindtree, and Wharton professor Morris Cohen discuss the emerging phenomenon of reshoring, or the return of jobs that may have moved offshore in the past.

Part 2: ‎Factors Driving Reshoring: Costs, Risks, Technology, Innovation and Talent


In part two, Scott Staples of Mindtree and Wharton’s Morris Cohen identify the major factors that are responsible for the reshoring phenomenon and what they mean for corporations and their operations.

Part 3: Future Trends in Reshoring: A Time for Analysis and Decisions


In the final part of their discussion, Mindtree’s Scott Staples and Morris Cohen of Wharton explore how reshoring will evolve over the next few years.