Investment Rules

You will begin with $100,000 in virtual cash to invest in your portfolio, which you create on OTIS.

Approved Stock List

Teams can only invest in stocks on the Approved Stock List. Teams will lose the investment if it is not on the Approved Stock List. Stocks are categorized by industry and sector.


There are nine sectors, which consist of multiple industries and dozens of stocks:

  1. Consumer Discretionary Sector
  2. Consumer Staples Sector
  3. Energy Sector
  4. Financial Services Sector
  5. Healthcare Sector
  6. Materials & Processing Sector
  7. Producer Durables Sector
  8. Technology Sector
  9. Utilities Sector

Sectors>Industries>Individual stocks

Teams can change the sectors that they invest in throughout the competition as long as the minimum number of sectors is represented in their portfolios (you must invest in at least as many sectors as you have team members).

The amount of investment in each sector is determined by the team. For example, a team of five could invest $20,000 equally across five sectors. Alternatively, the team could decide to invest $99,000 in one sector and $250 in each of the four remaining sectors.

  • At least one stock must be represented from the minimum number of sectors
  • Each team member is responsible for making investments in at least one sector
    • For example, in a five-member team, each team member would be responsible for covering at least one distinct sector (i.e. five sectors total). Additionally, in this case, the team members have the option to invest in up to four more sectors for a total of eleven sectors
  • Teams can make as many or as few stock trades as necessary in developing their strategy
  • Once trading has begun, teams can make trades at any time during the competition.

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