Forming Your Team

A team is made up of an optional advisor (often a teacher), a student team leader, and student team members. While advisors can work with an unlimited number of teams, students can only participate in one team. Additionally, each team must maintain a minimum of four (4) team members and a maximum of seven (7), including the student team leader.


An advisor could be your school teacher, another educator, your parent, or a business professional from your community. The advisor’s role is to help you learn concepts and investment terms (ideally with the help of KWHS lesson plans, articles and other resources), navigate trading platforms, analyze your developing investment strategies, and motivate you to complete the competition. Teams are NOT required to have an advisor. If you don’t have a business teacher in your school, we strongly encourage you to seek out volunteer investment expertise in your community.


The student team leader is the only one on the team who has access to OTIS. The trading login will only appear under the team leader’s account. The purpose is to encourage team members to work together and place trades as a team through one account. Communication and collaboration are fundamental to success in the competition. The team leader can share his or her login with team members, if necessary.


Each team member is responsible for at least one sector (see investment rules section for details). A sector is an area of the economy in which businesses share the same or a related product or service. Each sector in the approved stock list includes different industries and companies. Each team should maintain a minimum of four team members and a maximum of seven. Teams are required to invest in at least as many sectors as there are team members. For example, a team with five members needs to invest in a minimum of five sectors. That team can invest in more than five sectors if it chooses to.


Teams should choose their own names, and have fun with it. Please use good judgment. Team names that use offensive or vulgar language will be automatically disqualified. Past names have ranged from “The Mavericks of Wall Street” to “The Bond Girls,” and everything in between.


Students from different schools can compete on the same team. However, their schools must be from the same region. For example, a student from a Chinese school cannot compete on a team with a school from Canada. When you register for the competition, select the team leader’s school.

Teams can add or delete members and students are allowed to switch teams until November 5, 2018, when the mid-project team reviews are due. Before that date, you do NOT need to notify us when a team member is leaving or joining your team. We expect changes to happen. We only ask that you maintain the four to seven team member rule and that the student team leader remain constant, if possible.

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