Ethics and Code of Conduct

Competing Ethically

We are holding all KWHS Investment Competition team members to high personal ethical standards. The decisions you make from the moment you register for the competition should be honest and truthful to the best of your ability. This starts with your number of team members (you must have at least four active members to compete) and ends with how you articulate your strategy and investment choices in your final papers — and includes everything in between. We are trusting that you will not lie about your investment decisions and outcomes, fabricate analyses, invent teamwork and experiential stories, or plagiarize existing strategies. If at any point you are unsure about a decision or situation, please reach out to the KWHS team for clarification.

What’s more, ethical considerations are fundamental to effective asset management. All competing students should check out Section 4 of the Final Written Investment Policies section under Competition Deliverables in the Guidebook for more on professional industry ethics.

Behavior and Respect

The KWHS Investment Competition code of conduct extends to how both students and advisors treat teammates, supervisors, as well as the KWHS competition organizers. We expect teams to behave politely and respectfully through in-person, email and social media interactions, and to communicate any concerns or grievances with a courteous tone and language. We will not tolerate negative, threatening or off-color behavior of any kind, and will disqualify teams if necessary.

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