Does my team have to place trades on OTIS?

Yes. OTIS should be used as a learning tool to figure out your strategies and to experience what it is like to place trades and be active stock market participants. These are fundamental aspects of this competition. That said, we realize (and you should, too) that a basic tenet of long-term investing is that investors should ignore short-term gains and losses. Therefore, you should not be doing a lot of buying and selling of the stocks designated for the long-term portion of your portfolio. That’s not to say you can’t do any as you work through the aspects of your strategy and decide which investments are best, but you are not trying to prove the worthiness of your long-term strategy through how your portfolio performs over 10 weeks of trading. Your case study also specifies that your client would like to make some short-term investments to generate profits for a specific need. You may want to do more active trading for this portion of your portfolio.

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