What costs are covered?

We expect attendees to be mindful of the financial commitment that is made on their behalf, as well as be prepared for the sophistication and rigor of the seminar experience.

  • All seminar materials
  • Meals during the seminar
  • Accommodations and transportation costs to be covered will be determined based on the distance attendees live from the Wharton | San Francisco campus  (2 Harrison Street, Sixth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105)
    • Accommodations
      • 0 to 24 miles from campus – No hotel accommodations
      • 25+ miles from campus – Single-room hotel accommodations provided June 20 and 21, departing on the 22nd
    • Transportation
      • 0 to 200 miles from campus, attendee can:
        • Drive*
        • Take public transit
      • 200+ miles from campus, attendee will either:
        • Drive* (if preferred)
        • Fly**
  • All other expenses incurred are the responsibility of the attendee. Examples of expenses not covered include taxis, meals outside of the seminar, transportation to and from other area airports outside of SFO and hotel incidentals (movie rentals, room service, etc.).

*A Visa card will be provided to help cover associated costs, such as gas and tolls, and complimentary parking will be provided.

**Round-trip ground transportation will be provided to/from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to the seminar. Attendees flying into other area airports will be responsible for organizing and paying for their own transportation.

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