The seminar will provide 20 hours of professional development based on two full eight-hour days and one four-hour day of class time and networking. Those who attend the entire three-day seminar will receive a certificate of completion from Knowledge@Wharton. Participants will then need to contact their state Departments of Education and/or school districts to receive credit approval. Knowledge@Wharton and PwC US will not be responsible for following up on professional development accreditation.

Update as of December 2014:

For the fall 2013 seminar, Knowledge@Wharton High School established an Act 48 credit partnership with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit in Norristown, Pa. As a result, the MCIU processed Pennsylvania educators’ requests to receive professional development credit for the PwC-KWHS Seminar for High School Educators on Business and Financial Responsibility.

In 2014, the MCIU alerted us as follows: We have been in discussion with the PA Department of Education regarding the practice of uploading Act 48 hours for outside organizations offering professional development to teachers. We have been informed that we are only permitted to upload hours for professional development that we create and deliver as an Intermediate Unit. Unfortunately, we will not be able to upload hours for the PwC-KWHS Seminar this year. PDE encourages teachers to provide certificates of completion to their home school district for the uploading of hours on their behalf. Districts typically upload Act 48 credits as an employee courtesy.

As a result, we encourage all Pennsylvania teachers to provide their certificates of completion to their home school districts in order to process their Act 48 credits.

Any questions, please contact KWHSseminar(at)